My Mega Portfolio is all about investing! We are a small group of investors who obviously love investing and we enjoy sharing knowledge and ideas with our kids. Then one day my son asked me “how come you don’t share it with others?” 
So… Here we are 🙂
We have learned that do not to rush into investing before understanding some foundation. I spent 20hr per week learning everything about Property and investing in Real estate. And I am still spending time on everything around the Real Estate movement now. I started learning and investing in Crypto in 2012. I was hunting for learning more about it but it wasn’t much back to that time. Lucky you if you are interested in Crypto, It’s time, and you have plenty of information everywhere. This website provides you some knowledge for your investing journey whether Real estate, Shares/bonds, or Cryptocurrency. We are hoping you will enjoy learning and start to build up your Empire soon.

Happy Investing !!!