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Do you want to get into forex trading in the future and trade successfully? Then you are spot on in our guide to modern forex trading. Forex (colloquially also abbreviated as FX) stands for Foreign Exchange and basically describes a process in which one currency is converted into another.

The forex market is the largest financial market in the world. At the same time, it is one of the most volatile markets. In forex trading, we are talking about a modern form of currency trading in which individual companies, central banks or individual participants convert currencies into another. Classic currency transactions are carried out for practical reasons. For example, if you drive to another EU country and exchange your euros for a foreign currency. In classic forex trading, the focus is on generating profits with these currency conversions!

Forex Trading: Market Spans Over $ 5 Billion A Day!

Modern currency trading, or so-called forex trading, relies on a market that has a daily trading volume of more than $ 5 billion. It is one of the largest financial markets in the world, where certain currencies are subject to extreme fluctuations in exchange rates. It is precisely these clear price fluctuations that guarantee high profits when trading.

The most important element of modern currency trading are the exchange rates with which one currency can be exchanged for another. You will always meet them in so-called pairs. For example EUR / USD. In this case the currency pair euro and US dollar.

The exchange rate of a currency can either be variable or thus change every day or, for example, be linked to another currency. For example, the riyal from Qatar has a fixed exchange rate that is always fixed. Find out more in our guide: What is Forex? And here also in the guide to CFDs!

Why Trade Forex with A Forex Broker?

Before we go straight into modern currency trading via forex trading, we must briefly differentiate why people trade forex today. Classic forex trades can be divided into two categories. On the one hand, every purchase of services or goods from abroad should be mentioned here. In this case, too, we must speak of a kind of forex trading. In the end, whenever an entrepreneur wants to buy goods in another currency, a so-called forex trade is opened.

The foreign exchange market is therefore absolutely essential for the international movement of goods. Now it is the case that these currency trades, which are carried out for purely practical reasons (purchase of goods and services abroad), only make up a small part of the entire foreign exchange market.

Forex trading is much more common for reasons of speculation. Investors who speculate on price changes do not want to receive the currency that is not affected. You want to profit from the movements in the foreign exchange market. An experienced investor carries out several of these trades a day by constantly reacting to new price fluctuations.

What is the fastest way to get into Forex trading?

So that you can get into this forex trading as easily as possible and generate lucrative returns with your forex trading in the future, we not only offer you over 8,000 CFDs, but also useful training opportunities. We make it easier for you to learn CFD trading or learn Forex trading with the help of our expert guides.

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However, this also applies if you travel abroad, for example, in order to be able to invest in foreign markets there. 30% of all foreign exchange trading is now done by investors like you. They rely on forex trading with a well-known broker. It would be important for you that you only rely on providers who deserve the designation of the best day trading broker.

What does a good forex broker have to offer me for currency trading?

A good broker, with whom you can do a meaningful Forex trade, should of course not only offer you an excellent trading platform. Basically, the overall package has to be right. For example, if you are just starting out with CFDs, you need helpful information about day trading (what is day trading?). But you also have to deal with topics such as forex trading hours or forex calendars in order to be able to trade forex successfully in the future.

Don’t be put off now. The whole thing sounds like a lot of learning. But this is not the case. Because we aim to make trading and entry into trading as easy as possible for you. In other words, we rely on learning-by-doing when learning forex trading, for example. This means that with the virtual credit on the demo account you can feel all the tips and instructions about trading in our guides one-to-one. In this way, you can practically implement learning content directly and consolidate it.