It is not enough to start buying real estate and think that only that will make you a successful investor. The big secret to being a successful investor is in planning, when defining your strategies for making investments and managing them. Here are some essential tips that will help you on your journey!

Make a consortium to invest in the type of property desired

When opting for a consortium to acquire your property, you will join a group of other consortium members who have the same purpose as yours: to buy a property. Thereafter, all members will pay monthly the installments, which, when combined, allow a pre-established number of participants to be drawn each month.

With plans with several options of values ​​and terms, it is possible to opt for a consortium model that really fits in your pocket. For this reason, the number of people choosing this model grows more and more, after all, having a consortium document in hand is an excellent resource for people who want to invest their money in a property, avoiding spending it with something that will give a good return.

In addition to the monthly draw, you can offer bids, including making use of your FGTS, to further increase the chances of being awarded. Remember that you can also use your consortium credit to renovate, build, and buy land, a beach house and much more. The truth is that the consortium will boost your purchasing capacity, allowing you to realize your dream that previously seemed impossible.

rental property

Understand the best moment of the real estate market in the region

It is important to understand the market in the region in which you want to invest in order to know the most appropriate moment. To do so, assess the potential of the site based on your purposes for investing, above all, in the medium and long term. Research security, growth and other developments that are located on site. Many people building is usually a good sign.

However, multiple units on sale for a long time can be a problem. A shopping center, for example, must be easily accessible to people. A residence needs to offer conditions to live in comfort and safety, with easy access to transportation, shops, markets and leisure and cultural options.

Have a financial reserve

Some expenses will come up and you have to be prepared. So, have a good financial reserve for these expenses. The cost of the Final Deed of Purchase and Sale (when the payment is made with own resources) and the ITBI (Tax on Transmission of Real Estate) and deed fee paid to the bank responsible for financing, for example, are your responsibility, in addition to , of course, of the notary expenses of the Property Registry.

After this stage of fees and bureaucracies, remember that there are still costs with the purchase of furniture, moving services, decorative objects and much more. Knowing all of this, do everything to save on day-to-day expenses to add a good reserve and have a good planning for each stage of the business, because, by doing this, you can be sure that you will not be caught off guard, having , thus, a rewarding and frustrating shopping experience.

Check the documentation of the desired property / land

There are situations where the owner of the property, or even someone else, tries to sell an asset that cannot be sold. In such cases, the business may be canceled by a judge, and the buyer is the one who is at a loss.

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In order to avoid a huge problem like this, it is important to check the complete documentation of the property and require negative certificates. To have more security in the process, you can also go to the Real Estate Registry Office to request the registration of the property with a certificate of encumbrance.

Observe the location of the property

When someone intends to rent or buy a property, one of the first factors that person will analyze is the location. If the property is well located, the owner gets better values ​​for it. Therefore, when analyzing a property as an investment, the tip is to check if it is in an attractive region. Thus, you reduce the chances of making a bad deal.

Do not invest on impulse / excitement

An investor will take great risks of suffering losses by allowing his decision to be influenced by impulse, excitement and emotional aspects. Therefore, in order not to make mistakes, it is necessary to evaluate each business with enough time and in a technical and logical way. Evaluate all the positives and negatives of the property before deciding.

Remembering that this tip is valid for any negotiation, be it selling or buying. It is essential to make rational decisions, especially in periods of great economic fluctuations.

An investment in real estate is an extremely secure financial investment. In addition, it provides years of happiness, fun and countless memories that will last a lifetime. Do a good planning, research, understand the market demands and know how to prepare yourself by investing in the right opportunities that allow you to reach bigger and bigger flights.

For you to be successful on this journey, you need to be aware that it will take a lot of dedication and study to know how to invest in real estate. That way, you will have the confidence that your decisions will be right and that you will have chances to earn good gains.

So, do you also consider that the consortium is the best way to help build your personal assets by investing in real estate? So, get in touch with us, take all your doubts and conquer your financial tranquility!