The profession of stock exchange broker, has become very well known mainly through several Hollywood films where people find financial salvation through this professional performance.

However, it is worth mentioning that the performance of a stock exchange broker is different from that seen on the screens and can be done within different financial market institutions.

What is it to be a stock exchange broker?

Stock exchange broker is a professional responsible, in general, for the sale of investments to clients.

It should be noted that he is always linked to a financial institution, receiving a commission for each product sold.

Among the sales possibilities, we usually have fixed or variable income products such as:

  • Direct Treasury;
  • Debentures;
  • actions; or
  • Futures contracts, which makes the person win with the high prices, but can lose money if the value falls.

Also known as an autonomous investment agent, this professional has a great deal of knowledge about the rules of the financial market, as well as the risk and return that each application has.

He is able to answer questions and advise clients on where to invest, gaining recognition in the financial market in our country.

Stock Exchange

In addition, the salary of this professional, a point that we will explain better later in this article, can be high, since he receives a commission for each client operation.

And, considering that he can have several types of clients with different salary ranges, his remuneration depends directly on the quality of his services.

What are the duties of the stock exchange broker?

Also called a financial broker, the financial broker has the function of dealing with companies and individuals, in order to guide them on the investment market, indicating the best stocks or bonds according to the client’s profile.

In the vast majority of cases he is hired by a securities broker, but he can also be sought out by new companies in the financial market. In the latter case, your role is to help the institution find good stock buyers.

In both cases, the study has a crucial role for the performance of this professional. After all, this way he is able to check the profile and the best investments more incisively so that the respective clients have good financial results.

What do you need to study to work in this profession?

A recurring doubt when it comes to this profession is how to be a stockbroker and for that it is necessary to have a good academic background.

Thus, there are three academic courses recommended for those who wish to work in this field, namely:

  • Management;
  • Accounting Sciences; and
  • Economy.

Through all of them it will be possible to reach a good basis for the professional to develop in this branch and achieve success.

It is worth remembering that there are still some points that those who want to work in this profession should pay attention. The first is dedication to learning about finance, a point that is crucial.

In addition, if you want to be a good stockbroker, it is crucial to have English at an advanced level, as it will be of great help to your work routine.

What certifications are recommended for this professional?

It is worth noting that it is only after approval in this certification for stockbroker that the professional can perform the function.

The test has a theme on the financial market, where the candidate needs to get at least 70% of the 80 questions of the test right to pass, totaling 56 correct answers.

How much does a professional in this field receive?

The average remuneration of a stockbroker who works around 42 hours a week is around R $ 4,118.34. However, in general, the remuneration of this professional ranges from R $ 3,758.76 to R $ 13,851.84.

These values ​​are taking into account all the professionals of the Stock Exchange throughout the world who work with regularized working papers.

It is worth remembering that the salary varies according to the services offered by the broker and the number of clients he has.

Another factor that influences remuneration is the state in which he works. In this case, São Paulo is one of the states with the highest salary for this professional.

Thus, the job market for the Stock Exchange broker is quite wide, containing several possibilities for places to work in addition to the Stock Exchange itself.